Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire Damage Emergency Services in Fort Worth

Garage fires are all too common in the Fort Worth area. Improper storage of combustible liquids and petroleum products just need a spark to set them off. Fortunately, with our SERVPRO FSRT crew always close at hand, we can quickly begin the cleanup to mitigate secondary fire damage to the interior, including odor control. The blue tarps help to keep out the elements from further exacerbating an already bad situation. Count on us to respond 24/7 to arrive with our Green Fleet to make "Like it never even happened."

Fort Worth Fire Cleanup

The debris from the fire in this Fort Worth utility room was quickly cleaned up by our SERVPRO crew. We set up hydroxyl generators to rid the air of odorous smoke particulates. Other areas of the home required more extensive cleanup and restoration. Our FST technicians are equal to the task.

Residential Fire Damage In Fort Worth

Recently, a residential property suffered significant fire damage. The roof suffered a majority of the damage. With one phone call to a trusted leader in the restoration industry, SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth quickly responded and immediately began the restoration process. We assessed the damage, removed the smoke and soot, and properly cleaned the property. The property was restored to pre-damage condition. At SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth, we make it “Like it never even happened.”

Keller Home Suffers Fire Damage

Our team of highly trained technicians responded to a call regarding a fire damage incident at a residential property in Keller. The roof suffered the brunt of the damage. The interior was covered with debris and smoke residue. Our technicians, at SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth, used advanced cleaning and restoration equipment to restore the property to pre-damage condition. Our team at SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth make it “Like it never even happened.”

Fire & Soot Damage in a Fort Worth Home

This fire damage was generated from a small electrical spark in the laundry room of this Fort Worth rental. SERVPRO techs did a fast cleanup and a deodorization service. "Like it never even happened."

Fire Damage in a Keller Texas Home

This was a fire caused by a food smoker left in a Keller garage. SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth was called out to the home to asses the damage and start the clean up protocol.The grateful owners were happy with the outcome of our fire damage restoration service.

Fire Cleanup in Heritage Trace Home

Pictured is an ozone machine that is used to deodorize the smell of soot after fire damage occurs in a home. This equipment eliminates odors in the air by creating a charge of electricity that transforms dirty smelling air into clean smelling ozone.

Fire Damage in Fort Worth household

This damage was caused by a kitchen fire in a Fort Worth home. SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth was called out to help the homeowners get back on their feet after the fire. They were very pleased with our aid.

Fire Restoration in Park Glen Home

This fire damage was caused by a kitchen fire that burned above the cooktop. SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth was called out to the scene to help clean and deodorization. Need help? (817) 741-5737 


As depicted by the flames on one of our SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth vehicles, we have no fear of fire. We are skilled and deploy a wide array of fire restoration equipment, to cleanup, restore, and even repair most smoke & fire problems, both commercial and residential. Just give us a call. (817) 741-5737