Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water Damage – Fort Worth Home

Water damage at this Fort Worth home’s bathroom occurred when a pipe under the sink burst during the night. The homeowners did not find the water damage until the next morning, so a significant amount of water damage had been done before they could shut the water off. The vanity in the bathroom was saturated, the walls were wet, and there was soaked carpeting in the adjoining room. SERVPRO of Northeast FT. Worth provides emergency service 24/7 and could dispatch a team of industry certified technicians to clean up your water disaster.

Euless Water Damage

When your Euless office faces water damage, making sure that the moisture level has reduced is a top priority.  That is why SERVPRO has advanced tools that help measure the moisture level which cannot be easily seen by the naked eye.  We make it "Like it never even happened."

Water Removal in Fossil Creek

For Commercial and Residential Water Removal and Cleanup in the Fossil Creek Area of Fort Worth, who to call? Our SERVPRO technician is giving the "thumbs up" for reaching out to us, the proud crew of the Green Fleet to arrive on the job, take care of the water loss, and leave in a flash of Green. "Like it never even happened."

Water Damage In Fort Worth

Our team at SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth responded to a call regarding significant water damage. Our water damage specialists responded quickly and began the restoration process. We worked quickly to restore this property to pre-damage condition. “Like it never even happened.”

Water Damage in Keller

Here is another example of how SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth can effectively dry out your home after a flood or hot water heater breaks.  In this photo one can see that we were able to dry the wall and bookcase of the homeowner by using our dehumidifier.  Please look us up online at http://www.SERVPROnortheastftworth.com

Drying Equipment

Here is a photo of a hammer probe drying meter.  This piece of equipment is specialized in that it is used to ensure that your home is dried properly and completely.  We use this meter to check the moisture content of solid wood framing.  Our experts at SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth will always work hard to ensure that your home dries properly after a flood or water damaging event.  

CAT 3 Water Loss in Keller

This is an example of how a Category 3 water loss is re mediated.  A Category 3 or CAT 3 water loss is when a toilet overflows or there is highly contaminated water that contains biological waste such as fecal material.  This water is non potable and is considered CAT 3.  SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth has trained specialist that know exactly what to do in this type of situation.  We have the knowledge and continuing training to deal properly and effectively with any type of water loss.  Call us if you have questions about CAT 3 water losses. 

SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth 


Fort Worth Residential Water Damage Recovery

Water extraction and drying home furnishings can be an art, not just a science. SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth takes pride in meeting our customer's expectations and saving this bookcase after suffering water damage. This photo illustrates how our skilled technicians can control heat and moisture to dry out this bookcase efficiently. The poly sheeting, sealed with painters tape, targets the area in need of drying thereby accelerating the process to conclusion. Flatlay is a polypropylene product that we used to make the duct-like connection. An LGR low grain refrigerant dehumidifier circulates forced air through the treatment area pulling the moisture from the bookcase. This "ducting dehumidification" is a scientific design with an artful look. We can help.

Watauga Water Damage Restoration

After a heavy rain, the crack in the slab of this Watauga home allowed the forced entry of groundwater. SERVPRO WRT water damage restoration technicians can remove the baseboards and cutout a section of the linoleum to identify the source of the water intrusion. The dampness, as depicted by the discoloration of the concrete pad, must be thoroughly dried to standard moisture content levels. In Watauga, as in all of Texas, a vapor barrier must be installed along with the pouring of the foundation slab. This added layer increases the drying time, but with our skill sets and industry-leading equipment, we can restore the damaged floor to its preloss condition. Rely on us to meet and beat your expectations for a job well-done--just like Texas steaks.

Wood floor water damage in Fort Worth

In this photo one can see the wood floor drying system that SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth uses to dry out a customers hard wood floor.  The system works by extracting water through the wood with a powerful suction and air movement over the wood surface.  Within a few days it is possible to dry out a hard wood floor.  

Water Damage in Fort Worth

A rain storm flooded the carpeting in this office in Fort Worth. We moved the furnishing around and suctioned up the water with a wet-vac and special wand extension. Fast service salvaged the commercial grade carpeting.

Water Damage in Heritage Trace

This water damage photo was taken at an office complex when the sprinkler system was triggered due to a power surge. SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth was called to the scene to help the building manager clean up the water and dry out the building. You can rely on our technicians

Water damage training

SERVPRO Northeast Fort Worth employees had the opportunity to travel to Tennessee to train in water damage remediation recently.  SERVPRO trains all of its employees in a specially built home that sits inside a large warehouse.  In this home employees can be tested and taught on all of the latest drying techniques, in order to better serve our customers.  

Hard wood floor flooding

This was a home that had a flood in which the hard wood floor was affected.  The owners had left the home and the water had sat on the wood for several days.  The wood absorbed the water and then buckled.

Wall Cavity drying

This technique is one of the many ways that we can dry out a customer's wall. It is called wall cavity drying and is used to blow air behind the dry wall in order to dry out the affected area in a fast and more quiet way. This also bypasses the need for a costly and messy demolition. We restore before we replace.


We have the ability to fix any water leak or flood no matter how big! Our SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team Semi comes stocked with a full array of pumps, air movers, dehumidifiers, products, generators, and more to restore water comprised structures from a bungalow to a commercial building or warehouse. All this equipment get full functionality with our highly skilled IICRC industry certified technicians.