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Water Damage – Fort Worth Home

Water damage at this Fort Worth home’s bathroom occurred when a pipe under the sink burst during the night. The homeowners did not find the water damage until the next morning, so a significant amount of water damage had been done before they could shut the water off. The vanity in the bathroom was saturated, the walls were wet, and there was soaked carpeting in the adjoining room. SERVPRO of Northeast FT. Worth provides emergency service 24/7 and could dispatch a team of industry certified technicians to clean up your water disaster.

Contact SERVPRO for 24-Hour Emergency Service in the Ft. Worth Area

Our Green Fleet can roll out at a moment's notice to assist our Fort Worth neighbors with any water, fire, flood, or mold emergency. With highly trained technicians and advanced equipment you can trust the SERVPRO brand to restore your property, "Like it never even happened."

Euless Water Damage

When your Euless office faces water damage, making sure that the moisture level has reduced is a top priority.  That is why SERVPRO has advanced tools that help measure the moisture level which cannot be easily seen by the naked eye.  We make it "Like it never even happened."

Mold Damage in Keller

Mold damage in the bathroom is quite a common occurrence. Air needs to circulate to prevent excess moisture.  SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth understands how this can happen, how to remediate mold damage and help prevent it from reoccurring.  Call (817) 741-5737.

Rapid Response to Stockyards Museum - Commercial Water Damage

With the recent heavy rains breaking records in the Dallas area, we have received many calls about water damage. One particular call was from the historic Stockyards Museum. Their basement flooded and needed help quickly. Our team did what we do best and responded fast to mitigate the damage. You can always count on SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth to respond rapidly to commercial water and flood damage emergencies! 

Water Removal in Fossil Creek

For Commercial and Residential Water Removal and Cleanup in the Fossil Creek Area of Fort Worth, who to call? Our SERVPRO technician is giving the "thumbs up" for reaching out to us, the proud crew of the Green Fleet to arrive on the job, take care of the water loss, and leave in a flash of Green. "Like it never even happened."

Mold Remediation In Fort Worth

When you find mold damage in your house, you need to contact a professional restoration company like SERVPRO. Our experts have the training, certifications, equipment, and experience to restore your home to pre-damage condition. SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth is Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Our Fort Worth SERVPRO team provides 24-Hour Emergency Service for Water, Fire and Storm Damage

Our SERVPRO crew stands by our tagline--We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. We proudly serve and help our neighbors in the Fort Worth and Keller areas. We live and work here, and you can expect our Green Fleet to show up equipped with industry-leading equipment and manned by highly skilled and trained technicians. As we are phasing down this drying service after a damaging water event, our tech is modifying the parameters for the dehumidifier to maximize drying time and mitigating secondary damages including mold. The compact air mover is strategically directing the air flow for capturing the airborne moisture. No guesswork, no no-shows, we come fast, and we come hard to help whether the problem is water, wind, fire, or mold.

Downtown Fort Worth Commercial Water Damage Cleanup And Restoration

Our crew at SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth understands that timing is crucial when dealing with commercial water damage. We will work quickly to get your business up and running as soon as possible. We have the certified personnel, equipment, training, and experience to restore your property to pre-damage condition. If your commercial property experiences a water damage emergency, there is only one company you can trust, and that is SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Water Damage In Fort Worth

Our team at SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth responded to a call regarding significant water damage. Our water damage specialists responded quickly and began the restoration process. We worked quickly to restore this property to pre-damage condition. “Like it never even happened.”

Faster to Any Disaster

Recently after a storm flood in the Fort Worth area, SERVPRO of Northeast Fort worth was called out to help our local rail road recover from a small crawlspace flood in their office building.  Our wonderful technicians quickly extracted the water form the building and help saved the company affected thousands of dollars by our quick response time and fast mitigation of the flood waters in their building. The customer was happy that we were able to provide professional and fast service with very little interruption of their business.  If you need any help after a flood please call 817-741-5737

Water Damage in Keller

Here is another example of how SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth can effectively dry out your home after a flood or hot water heater breaks.  In this photo one can see that we were able to dry the wall and bookcase of the homeowner by using our dehumidifier.  Please look us up online at

Vented Dehu in Arlington Texas Church

SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth was called out to a church in Arlington Texas yesterday after a strong rainshower passed through our area.  The walls and ceiling received a little bit of damage so SERVPRO vented a dehu into the affected wall and ceiling in order to get the area to dry out a little bit faster than normal.  By venting a dehu the restoration specialists can effectively use the hot dry air to draw moisture out of the walls in the difficult to reach areas. If you have questions about water damage please give us a call at 817-741-5737

Commercial Water Damage restoration in Downtown Fort Worth

The Fort Worth Downtown area continues to grow with the addition of the Frost Bank Building. Our SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth team is excited about the growth and new businesses opening near Sundance Square. If your office or commercial property is impacted by flooding or a water damage event, call our experienced team for a fast response. When you need help, call us at (817) 741-5737. We are…faster to any size disaster. 

Drying Equipment

Here is a photo of a hammer probe drying meter.  This piece of equipment is specialized in that it is used to ensure that your home is dried properly and completely.  We use this meter to check the moisture content of solid wood framing.  Our experts at SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth will always work hard to ensure that your home dries properly after a flood or water damaging event.  

CAT 3 Water Loss in Keller

This is an example of how a Category 3 water loss is re mediated.  A Category 3 or CAT 3 water loss is when a toilet overflows or there is highly contaminated water that contains biological waste such as fecal material.  This water is non potable and is considered CAT 3.  SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth has trained specialist that know exactly what to do in this type of situation.  We have the knowledge and continuing training to deal properly and effectively with any type of water loss.  Call us if you have questions about CAT 3 water losses. 

SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth 


Mold in Fort Worth

This is a photo of a home that had a long term roof leak that never got repaired.  The water had saturated the upstairs carpet and created a disaster when it was never extracted or re-mediated. The green is an example of mold growth that can occur when water is never extracted.  SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth was called out to give an evaluation of the property. We have the experts to help homeowners determine what  type of mold remediation is necessary in order to get you back on your feet.   

Mold Damage Remediation In Ft. Worth

Our team received a call regarding a significant mold infestation at a property in Ft. Worth. Our technicians quickly responded and immediately began the remediation process. To restore this property to pre-damage condition, our experts used state-of-the-art mold remediation equipment. If your residential or commercial property has a mold infestation, you need to contact our professionals right away.

Fort Worth Residential Water Damage Recovery

Water extraction and drying home furnishings can be an art, not just a science. SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth takes pride in meeting our customer's expectations and saving this bookcase after suffering water damage. This photo illustrates how our skilled technicians can control heat and moisture to dry out this bookcase efficiently. The poly sheeting, sealed with painters tape, targets the area in need of drying thereby accelerating the process to conclusion. Flatlay is a polypropylene product that we used to make the duct-like connection. An LGR low grain refrigerant dehumidifier circulates forced air through the treatment area pulling the moisture from the bookcase. This "ducting dehumidification" is a scientific design with an artful look. We can help.

Mold Damage Remediation In Keller

SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth are the professionals to call when dealing with a mold infestation in your home. Our crew of specialists is certified by the (IICRC) Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification in mold remediation. We have the certified personnel, mold remediation equipment, and mold damage experience to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Watauga Water Damage Restoration

After a heavy rain, the crack in the slab of this Watauga home allowed the forced entry of groundwater. SERVPRO WRT water damage restoration technicians can remove the baseboards and cutout a section of the linoleum to identify the source of the water intrusion. The dampness, as depicted by the discoloration of the concrete pad, must be thoroughly dried to standard moisture content levels. In Watauga, as in all of Texas, a vapor barrier must be installed along with the pouring of the foundation slab. This added layer increases the drying time, but with our skill sets and industry-leading equipment, we can restore the damaged floor to its preloss condition. Rely on us to meet and beat your expectations for a job well-done--just like Texas steaks.

Fire Damage Emergency Services in Fort Worth

Garage fires are all too common in the Fort Worth area. Improper storage of combustible liquids and petroleum products just need a spark to set them off. Fortunately, with our SERVPRO FSRT crew always close at hand, we can quickly begin the cleanup to mitigate secondary fire damage to the interior, including odor control. The blue tarps help to keep out the elements from further exacerbating an already bad situation. Count on us to respond 24/7 to arrive with our Green Fleet to make "Like it never even happened."

Downtown Fort Worth Commercial Water Damage

This Downtown area of Fort Worth has many high-rises and large commercial buildings. When a damaging water event occurs, proprietors and commercial management companies often turn to SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth. Our Green Fleet is a designated segment of a SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team which means we are highly qualified, utilizing the best in equipment to mitigate water damage to our local enterprises. Need help? Look no further and call us at (817) 741-5737. "Like it never even happened."

Fort Worth Flood Damage Cleanup - Commercial and Residential

The local team from SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth are leaders in the water and storm damage industry.  We have a large amount of hands-on experience with commercial and residential flood damage restoration in the Fort Worth area. We use our experience to quickly dry your home or business to pre-storm condition. When a storm or flood hits your Fort Worth area property, our quick response will help prevent secondary damage and lower overall restoration costs. We're ready 24/7, when you need us.

Commercial Flood Damage in Fort Worth and More

Some of our renowned Green Fleet is pictured here after returning from Hurricane Harvey cleanup help. Our SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth franchise, being a crucial arm of the National Disaster Recovery Teams, is also ready to clean up Fort Worth flood damage. Our skilled crews, always utilizing the latest in technology, can range far and wide to restore order after fire and water catastrophes or small mishaps. Remember, we respond 24/7 to any call for emergency flood damage restoration in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. Our fully stocked Green Fleet, manned by the best in the business is there for you by calling (817) 741-5737.

Cleaning services in Colleyville. Residential and Commercial Cleaning Available

SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth is known as a trusted leader in the restoration industry, did you know we also offer commercial and residential cleaning in the Fort Worth area.  Even the best carpet and upholstery can show signs of soiling over a long period of time. Our experienced team, using the SERVPRO System offers a number of cleaning options to fit most types of carpet or upholstery. We were called to clean carpets in this Colleyville home, we also cleaned the ottoman pictured. As you can see by the right side of the ottoman, our team can clean. For residential or commercial cleaning in Ft Worth and surrounding communities, call us first. 

Commercial Flood Damage in Fort Worth

A broken water line flooded this office building in Ft. Worth creating significant damage. Our SERVPRO applied structural drying technicians extracted the standing water and did a "flood cut" to remove non-salvageable drywall as pictured in this photo. By sealing the exposed wall cavities, the evaporation rate was increased to limit the business center downtime. Within a few days the commercial carpeting, furnishings (placed back in the workstations) and the new drywall made our client extremely pleased with our work, and he even stated he felt "Like it never even happened." Call SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth. Our business is to keep you in business. (817) 741-5737

Storm Recovery - In Houston, Ft Worth and Your Neighborhood

SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth has experience restoring homes and business impacted by storms and flooding. Our highly trained technicians utilize specialized equipment to restore your property back to pre-storm condition. The devastation in Houston after Hurricane Harvey was wide spread. Our teams responded quickly to help the community recover. If you experience water or storm damage in the Ft Worth, Keller or Park Glen area, call us first for a fast response. 

Commercial Water Damage Recovery In Fort Worth And Houston

If your property has experienced water damage, there is only one call to make, and that is to the experts at SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth. Since we provide 24-hour emergency service, we can arrive at your property quickly and begin the restoration process. We have the equipment, knowledge, and expertise to handle any size disaster. When a disaster strikes, like Hurricane Harvey, we are ready! We were able to send our technicians to help with the aftermath of Harvey. When disaster strikes, you can count on our experts to restore your property to pre-damage condition.

Duct Cleaning in Keller

Here is an example of what soot can do to the inside and outside of your vent system in a property.  These vents were cleaned by SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth after the homeowner had a small kitchen fire that was caused by cooking oil. The oil infiltrated the vents and soot spread throughout the house. 
The vents had never been cleaned in thirty years so they were way overdue for a good cleaning. SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth was able to clean the registers and the vents and get the homeowners back to normal in a few short days. We have two technicians that a IIRCC certified in Fire remediation so you can rest assured that we can clean your Fort Worth home after a fire or soot damage.  Please give us a call at 817-741-5737 or look us up online at

Alliance Methodist Church Fall Festival Fort Worth

SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth participated in the recent Fall Festival at Alliance Methodist Church located in the Park Glen neighborhood. It was a great event that had a craft fair, games for the kiddos, a Fire truck, and Fort Worth police on horseback! Food was provided by the Fort Worth Alliance Methodist church.   We are proud to sponsor and give back to our wonderful community of Park Glen Fort Worth Texas.  If you ever need any carpet cleaning or duct cleaning please feel free to call us at 817-741-5737 or look us up online

Roof leaking in Fort Worth

This is an example of a new type of roof tarp that is called shrink wrapping tarp.  As the name implies, the roofer will cover the roof with a waterproof felt and then overlap the felt with a thick white plastic that conforms to the roof line once heat is applied.  This type of roof tarping is used on roofs with large amounts of damage and on flat roofs.  The experts at SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth can help homeowners when faced with leaking roofs get the correct type of tarp for the job.  Just give us a call at 817-741-5737.  We are always here to help. 

Commercial Clean Up in Fort Worth

At SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth we are very much familiar with the difficulties facing businesses when traumatic disasters occur. We can quickly alleviate any difficult messes, water losses, or storm damages such as flooding. Our team can clean your offices from ceiling to floors and we have the expertise to dry out any building when faced with flood damage or storm damage.  Please give us a call at 817-741-5737. 

Hurricane Harvey in Rockport Texas

At SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth we sent crews to help the people of Rockport Texas after hurricane Harvey devastated the small town. Many of the homes and businesses were hit hard by the destructive winds and rain that followed during and after the storm.  Texans are a strong people and many citizens and relief agencies were on the scene to help the residents and help with the clean up.  SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth was glad to be a small part of this clean up our prayers are with the people affected by this terrible disaster. 

SERVPRO Supports Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts in Southeast Coastal Texas

An integral part of one of many SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Teams dotted throughout the USA and Canada, our franchise arrived with several large vehicles and many technicians. Led by our proud owner, Aaron, we helped with the cleanup and restoration efforts after Hurricane Harvey left its mark. Pictured is a storm-damaged home in the Victoria area in the midst of a return to normalcy. The ruined drywall ceiling and insulation have been discarded, and the opened affected attic has been dried and treated with an antimicrobial agent. We are proud to help our fellow Texans.

Helping Hurricane Harvey Cleanup Efforts in Victoria TX

Our SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth proud owner, Aaron, mobilized his technicians for the ninth time as a key element of a Disaster Recovery Team. This home in Victoria sustained severe wind damage from Hurricane Harvey. The photo depicts a partial cleanup done by our crew. The remainder of the hanging ceiling and insulation will be removed and the attic crawl space, using drying equipment we brought with us in a Green SERVPRO semi, can be restored to preloss condition. Helping our fellow Texans in their time of need is part of our corporate culture.

Fort Worth Fire Cleanup

The debris from the fire in this Fort Worth utility room was quickly cleaned up by our SERVPRO crew. We set up hydroxyl generators to rid the air of odorous smoke particulates. Other areas of the home required more extensive cleanup and restoration. Our FST technicians are equal to the task.

Residential Fire Damage In Fort Worth

Recently, a residential property suffered significant fire damage. The roof suffered a majority of the damage. With one phone call to a trusted leader in the restoration industry, SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth quickly responded and immediately began the restoration process. We assessed the damage, removed the smoke and soot, and properly cleaned the property. The property was restored to pre-damage condition. At SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth, we make it “Like it never even happened.”

Keller Home Suffers Fire Damage

Our team of highly trained technicians responded to a call regarding a fire damage incident at a residential property in Keller. The roof suffered the brunt of the damage. The interior was covered with debris and smoke residue. Our technicians, at SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth, used advanced cleaning and restoration equipment to restore the property to pre-damage condition. Our team at SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth make it “Like it never even happened.”

Residential Cleaning and Oder Removal in Keller

Our SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth crew was called out to a home in Keller that was in need of professional cleaning assistance due to previous tenants not taking care of the property. We performed demolition, slab cleaning, air duct cleaning, and post-construction cleaning services. We then fogged the home to eliminate any offensive odors. With our equipment and a little bit of TLC, we made the mess "Like it never even happened." The science of identifying and eliminating odors can be a tricky thing, so give us a call, and leave the restoration to us.

Black Mold in Argyle home

This is a photograph of a mold remediation job that SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth performed on a home in the Argyle area. This mold was found in a basement and was removed by the experts at SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth.  Air scrubbers , HEPA vacuums, a heavy sporicidial cleaning was employed to ensure that the home passed a mold clearance test to prove that the mold was removed.  

Wood floor water damage in Fort Worth

In this photo one can see the wood floor drying system that SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth uses to dry out a customers hard wood floor.  The system works by extracting water through the wood with a powerful suction and air movement over the wood surface.  Within a few days it is possible to dry out a hard wood floor.  

Mold Damage in your Keller Home?

This is a photo of a machine called an air scrubber.  This machine is acapable of removing mold from large amounts of air in your home.  It is basically an air vacuum that sucks in the "moldy" air and cleans it through a HEPA filtration process and releases the clean air either outside or back into your home.  After the SERVPRO technicians clean out and remove the mold from your home , the air scrubber is used to remove any pesky mold spores from the air.  More information can be seen on our SERVPRO Northeast Fort Worth website. 

Mold Remediation in Tarrant County

Here is a photo of how SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth sets up and starts a mold remediation project.  In the photo is an example of the first stage of mold containment.  This containment is used to separate and ensure that no mold spreads out of the affected area when we are working in your home.  This is just one step in the process that ensures that no part of your home is cross contaminated with mold.  If you suspect mold in your home call the experts at SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth

House Cleaning in Keller Texas

In this house SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth, was called to help the homeowner take out a bad smell due to the renters never cleaning up after their pets.  SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth cleaned the house from top to bottom and ran ozone machines and thermo fogged the house to completely eliminate the bad odors.  The home owner was very pleased with the results.  Call us if you need to get rid of a skunk smeel or pet smell in your house. 

Sevpro of Northeast Fort Worth


Water Damage in Fort Worth

A rain storm flooded the carpeting in this office in Fort Worth. We moved the furnishing around and suctioned up the water with a wet-vac and special wand extension. Fast service salvaged the commercial grade carpeting.

Water Damage in Heritage Trace

This water damage photo was taken at an office complex when the sprinkler system was triggered due to a power surge. SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth was called to the scene to help the building manager clean up the water and dry out the building. You can rely on our technicians

Storm Damage in Fort Worth Office Building

This water damage resulted from a local down pour that caused a roof to collapse in a Fort Worth office building recently. Our SERVPRO applied structural drying technicians quickly arrived on the scene and immediately began extracting the flood water. A dehumidifier finished the drying process.

Flood Storm and Lumber in Fort Worth

This torrential rainstorm flood the metal warehouse full of construction lumber. It was critical to rapidly remove the standing water, and set up drying equipment to prevent the raw materials from swelling and becoming scrape, rather than good industrial inventory. Businesses rely on SERVPRO to save the day.

Water Damage in a Keller Office

SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth responded to an emergency call in Keller regarding a flooded office suite. The roof gave way during a weekend storm, and the pooling water was significant. Our crew got to work and had the office humming again within a few days.

Water Extraction from a Commercial Carpet in Fort Worth

A truck mounted water extractor, pictured with the wand, suctioned the water from this commercial grade carpet in a Fort Worth office building. Swift action is always appreciated by management and obliged. Rely on SERVPRO to keep your business in business.

Fire & Soot Damage in a Fort Worth Home

This fire damage was generated from a small electrical spark in the laundry room of this Fort Worth rental. SERVPRO techs did a fast cleanup and a deodorization service. "Like it never even happened."

Fire Damage in a Keller Texas Home

This was a fire caused by a food smoker left in a Keller garage. SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth was called out to the home to asses the damage and start the clean up protocol.The grateful owners were happy with the outcome of our fire damage restoration service.

Fire Cleanup in Heritage Trace Home

Pictured is an ozone machine that is used to deodorize the smell of soot after fire damage occurs in a home. This equipment eliminates odors in the air by creating a charge of electricity that transforms dirty smelling air into clean smelling ozone.

Fire Damage in Fort Worth household

This damage was caused by a kitchen fire in a Fort Worth home. SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth was called out to help the homeowners get back on their feet after the fire. They were very pleased with our aid.

Fire Restoration in Park Glen Home

This fire damage was caused by a kitchen fire that burned above the cooktop. SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth was called out to the scene to help clean and deodorization. Need help? (817) 741-5737 

Mold Growth in a Keller Kitchen

This is an example of mold growth that occurred when a kitchen faucet slowly leaked behind a kitchen sink in Keller. Our applied microbial remediation technicians demoed the non-salvageable cabinetry and sprayed an antifungal agent before replacing and restoring the kitchen. 

Mold Containment in Karren's Diamond Hill

This photo depicts what is called negative air containment in a Karren's Diamond Hill  home.This process has a dual purpose: to contain the treatment area and not allow cross-contamination, and to expedite the treatment to the actual affected area. Count on us to do it right, and to do it safely.

Mold in Keller Kitchen

This photo depicts suspected mold growth found in a kitchen in Keller Texas where the dishwasher had leaked into the kitchen cabinets over time. Our SERVPRO experts were called out to clean up and remediate the mold.

Black Mold Growth in Fort Worth home

This is an example of mold growth in a Fort Worth home where the resident had a water heater leak. Moisture offers mold spores chance to develop into mold patches. The team at SERVPRO Northeast Fort Worth can quickly re-mediate this type of mold.

Storm Damage Flooding in Keller

This insulation fell from the ceiling when a storm rolled through the Keller area several weeks ago and tore open a section of the roof. SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth was there for the safe clean up of the insulation and the removal of the water.

Storm Damage in Fort Worth Home Ceiling

This damage was caused by a storm that hit the Haslet Fort Worth region when a small hail storm/tornado came through and took the roof off of this home. Our SERVPRO crew members swiftly tarped the damaged exterior and removed the debris much to the delight of our customers. Fast and right!

Storm Damage in Fort Worth Home

This damage was caused when high winds and hail blew through a local North Ft. Worth neighborhood. Our SERVPRO crew arrived promptly to help our neighbors and local residents dry out their homes and board up their windows. We work fast to mitigate water and storm damage and save money for our customers.

Commercial Water Flood Damage in Keller

This commercial water damage was caused by a burst pipe that flooded a local building. SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth technicians extracted the water and placed air movers and dehumidifiers to restore the stock room to its preloss condition. "Like it never even happened."

Commercial building water damage

This company had a pipe burst and it flooded their warehouse and office area. SERVPRO Northeast Fort Worth was called out to help extract the water damage and clean up the warehouse.  We had the area dry within a few short days, back to business as usual.

Commercial Building Storm Damage

Our SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth applied structural drying crew had to set up a scaffolding in order to help this commercial customer dry out their 25 foot ceiling. Accessing the storm damaged ceiling and crawl is all in a day's work for us.

Water damage training

SERVPRO Northeast Fort Worth employees had the opportunity to travel to Tennessee to train in water damage remediation recently.  SERVPRO trains all of its employees in a specially built home that sits inside a large warehouse.  In this home employees can be tested and taught on all of the latest drying techniques, in order to better serve our customers.  

New Truck

We have just acquired our latest family member here at SERVPRO Northeast Fort Worth.  We our the proud new owners of a Dodge pickup truck so we can better serve our customers with a fast response to all of their emergency water damages, and fire damages.  

Hard wood floor flooding

This was a home that had a flood in which the hard wood floor was affected.  The owners had left the home and the water had sat on the wood for several days.  The wood absorbed the water and then buckled.

Wall Cavity drying

This technique is one of the many ways that we can dry out a customer's wall. It is called wall cavity drying and is used to blow air behind the dry wall in order to dry out the affected area in a fast and more quiet way. This also bypasses the need for a costly and messy demolition. We restore before we replace.

SERVPRO Cleaning

You can trust SERVPRO to provide the best cleaning products on the market to go along with great, reliable service. We have our own facilities that create our cleaning products to a consistent level. Shelves of detergents and cleaners, and outstanding team members.

SERVPRO Commercial Dryers

Pictured is a industrial grade dryer at our disposal for even the toughest drying emergencies. You can count on us, a member of a regional SERVPRO Large Loss Response Team, to complete the restoration "Like it never even happened."

Storm Damage Power

We have generators to provide power during storm damage events. What good are powerful and portable sump pumps without the juice to drive them? Our warehouse is fully stocked for any type of storm related emergency or cleanup.


As depicted by the flames on one of our SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth vehicles, we have no fear of fire. We are skilled and deploy a wide array of fire restoration equipment, to cleanup, restore, and even repair most smoke & fire problems, both commercial and residential. Just give us a call. (817) 741-5737 

Freeze Drying Chamber

We can dry out any documents in our freeze drying chamber! This very impressive and productive piece of machinery excels at lyophilization--the pressurized freeze drying of books, document, and even some artwork. We can stabilize the destructive forces of water absorption and mitigate losses. We have astounded many clients with our salvaging of their precious heirlooms and business items.


We have the ability to fix any water leak or flood no matter how big! Our SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team Semi comes stocked with a full array of pumps, air movers, dehumidifiers, products, generators, and more to restore water comprised structures from a bungalow to a commercial building or warehouse. All this equipment get full functionality with our highly skilled IICRC industry certified technicians.