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How Professionals Restore Your Fire Damaged Keller Home

11/13/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How Professionals Restore Your Fire Damaged Keller Home One of the first steps after a fire is securing the building. SERVPRO added tarps to this house to keeps the elements out while it was being repaired.

Proven Ways of Restoring and Cleaning Fire Damaged Buildings in Keller

Apart from consuming your items and your buildings' structural components, fire damage incidents can leave behind dark stains on surfaces and discolored ceilings and walls. There is also the challenge of dealing with the odors that remain trapped in hidden locations. You are also likely to find soot and ash deposits behind walls and around the air conditioner vents. To prevent additional damage, we carefully inspect your Keller property and come up with appropriate restoration and cleaning techniques.  

Sometimes fire damage to your Keller home can cause significant exterior structural damage and leave it dangerously unstable. If that happens, it is necessary to board it up instantly. Our SERVPRO technicians offer emergency board up solutions to secure buildings that are severely damaged. Such services can also cover openings that make the structure vulnerable to animals, rain, and vandals. The goal is to provide temporary support as the necessary repairs are being carried out.  

Soot and smoke particles can penetrate and travel into various parts of the structure and affect carpets, paint, drapes, upholstery, clothing, and other contents within the building. Our SERVPRO technicians can ventilate the site and use appropriate debris removal techniques during the restoration process. We thoroughly clean and neutralize both the odors and deposits before any redecoration can take place.  

Our SERVPRO technicians can use dry sponges when removing initial smoke deposits when attending to damages caused by high-oxygen fires. We use wet cleaning methods when dealing with the destruction caused by low-oxygen fires. In such cases, the use of dry sponges can spread the soot and create smears on surfaces. In most cases, kitchen fires do not leave behind visible residues, so we thoroughly clean the area to clear the mess. If necessary, we can remove contents in the kitchen drawers and cabinets to allow access to hidden locations.  

SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth is a trusted service provider that offers proven cleaning and restoration services that meet residential and commercial needs. Call (817) 741-5737 when you need our highly trained technicians to return your property to its preloss state.

Keller is named after John C Keller, who was a foreman on the railroad.  Click here for more on the history of Keller.

Excessive Moisture and Your Keller Home

11/2/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Excessive Moisture and Your Keller Home Yikes! Broken pipes mean water on the floor and increased moisture in your home. Excessive moisture damages your belongings and the home's structure.

Any Water Restoration Project in Keller May Require Multiple Steps To Complete

H2O is found naturally and is needed for you and your family to live a comfortable lifestyle at your Keller residence. Therefore, all homes have a complex plumbing system that could fail one day forcing you to contact a water restoration company like SERVPRO. Moisture does not mix well with the organic materials that make up your house's structure and interior building materials. When things get saturated, they tend to lose their strength and disintegrate. Anytime excessive moisture enters your living area, it is vital to start steps towards complete water restoration immediately.  

Problems with moisture are the most likely type of damage that your property can suffer. To prevent things from falling apart and mold from growing, our SERVPRO team is available 24/7 in Keller to conduct water restoration operations. If your plumbing system develops a crack or one of your appliances chooses to act abnormally, you could find yourself walking in water when you enter the affected area. As much as stepping in a puddle is unpleasant to you, your building materials and contents that you rely on to live a comfortable lifestyle are not designed to be able to recover from being wet quite like us humans are.  

Water is a powerful force, and we have all seen the devastation it can cause during floods or hurricanes. But what some people do not know is that the liquid natural resource can be destructive even in small amounts. Excessive moisture can and will ruin pretty much anything if it gets wet enough and it is left damp for a long enough period.  

To make matters worse, if materials inside your home get wet the presence of moisture can cause problems in other areas that the water never even touched. Escalated humidity levels are also known to destroy certain materials that make up a building's structure. Also, if humidity and moisture levels stay high for more than 48 hours, any organic substance inside your dwelling becomes susceptible to microbial contamination. If you ever see or feel wet materials inside your home, please call SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth at (817) 741-5737 so that we can help prevent future secondary problems.

 Keller was founded in 1881.  Click here for more information about Keller, Texas.

Why Team SERVPRO Always Arrives on the Keller Flood Damage Scene Quickly After a Storm

10/28/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Why Team SERVPRO Always Arrives on the Keller Flood Damage Scene Quickly After a Storm When storm damage affects your property, you need a team to handle the situation and prevent further destruction from the elements. Contact SERVPRO.

We Provide Flood Damage Restoration in Keller 

Severe thunderstorms can cause flooding in your home as it did earlier today. A tree branch fell on the roof and left a pretty large hole. Acting fast can prevent significant damages to your home. If you hesitate to call a professional, it could lead to the loss of furniture and belongings and could ruin your walls and flooring. When possible, our team can restore your property and save many of your items.
SERVPRO flood damage restoration in Keller and surrounding areas involves inspecting the damages and securing your home. Our techs can cover the hole in your roof with waterproof tarpaulins or with plywood. They also can check for broken windows or missing doors and can board or cover and seal them. We secure entry points to your home to prevent water from entering the premises. Plus, it helps keep birds, squirrels, and other animals from invading your residence.
Our technicians know that responding fast can reduce damages and work quickly to remove water from inside your home. They can use portable or truck-mounted extractors or commercial grade pumps and wet vacuums to eliminate water from the structure. Rapid water removal can also prevent secondary water damages such as rot and mold growth. We strive to get to your home promptly and begin the job as soon as we arrive to help reduce restoration costs and the number of damages.
Storm waters can also ruin interior walls, flooring, and ceilings. Our techs may have to remove wet materials like carpeting, drywall or insulation. If further construction is necessary, we can help homeowners get in touch with a general contractor. Flood waters contain toxic substances, which mean our techs must throw out all contents like carpeting, padding and any furniture that may come in contact with the water. During the drying phase, we may use air movers and industrial axial fans to dry the structure thoroughly. The crew may also employ dehumidifiers to reduce moisture levels.
If you need reliable and efficient flood damage services in your area, call us 24/7 at (817) 741-5737. SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth can get the job done. We are always nearby and ready to help.

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Some Mistakes in Fort Worth Water Damage Remediation That Your Business Should Avoid

10/14/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Some Mistakes in Fort Worth Water Damage Remediation That Your Business Should Avoid Finding water damage in your business can be quite disconcerting and cause panic. Call SERVPRO right away for remediation services.

Tips on Commercial Water Removal in the Fort Worth Location

If you own a café, clothing store, or any business, you know that anything can happen. After all, owning a business is unpredictable. If there is a storm or hurricane, leaky pipe, or bad plumbing, then your business establishment can be drenched. In this situation, you know that commercial water removal plays an essential role. Many business owners know that it is important to immediately call in the expert before the water damage can escalate further.
Before the experts can get to your location for the commercial water removal in the Fort Worth area, there are some tips and strategies that you can take to remove water from your establishment. You can start by having all your employees help mop and blot out excess water from the floor. Make sure you remove any electrical appliances away from wet areas. After that, you can wipe off excess water from wooden furniture. Then you can place aluminum foil or wooden blocks between wet carpets and furniture legs. Don’t forget to turn the air conditioner on for optimal drying conditions. If you want to save your rug, make sure to remove it away from wet areas. If you have expensive art pieces, then it is best to place them in a safe and dry location. Gather any loose items that you can find on the floor.
Once the SERVPRO technician arrives at your business site, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. The techs can begin the process by inspecting your business site to check for any damages and sufficient drying conditions. They can start the mitigation process immediately by using a vacuum to extract excess water. They can also use a moisture meter to measure the humidity in the air. They want to make sure that there is a right amount of dryness in the atmosphere to help them absorb moisture from the wet area. This strategy is to ensure optimal drying time. Afterward, the SERVPRO technicians can use disinfectant and odor neutralizing solution to get rid of any unpleasant odor that was left behind from the water damage.
If you are interested in commercial water removal for your business establishment, then give SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth a call at (817) 741-5737, and we can send our skilled technician to your business establishment.

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Discover Secrets to Waterproofing Your Fort Worth Crawlspace Before Storms Set in

10/7/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Discover Secrets to Waterproofing Your Fort Worth Crawlspace Before Storms Set in If your crawlspace is getting excess water, contact SERVPRO to remediate and offer waterproofing options for your home.

Waterproofing and Sump Pumps for Fort Worth Crawlspaces

Severe storms are a regular part of Fort Worth weather. They flood homes quickly, leaving a mess of not only a homeowner’s personal property but also their residence itself. For homes with crawlspaces underneath, this can be a problem that affects the structural integrity, destroys items in storage, and even lead to a mold infestation if not dealt with quickly.
In these cases, waterproofing is needed for Fort Worth residential crawlspaces. SERVPRO restoration teams can seal off almost any type of leak into one unless there is major damage to the exterior walls or the sub-floor above it.
If standing water is a recurring issue with every rain, then the homeowner has two problems: Leaks and seeps into the crawlspace, and very slow or no drainage. Our technicians can address both of them simultaneously.
Team members remove water with a commercial pump and then use a combination of hand-drying methods and dehumidifiers to remove any moisture left in the crawlspace. Then they cover the dirt floor with thick, polyethylene sheets to serve as a vapor barrier, preventing water from seeping up inside. Team members extend these sheets up and onto the walls, securing them together and to the walls with two-sided, foundation tape.
Before securing them to the walls, however, an inspector carefully examines the walls for any cracks or leaks. SERVPRO specialists fill them with a hydraulic cement that blocks further water intrusion. Next, they seal every wall with a masonry cement that reduces water seepage from outside the home. Once they complete the walls, team members seal the polyethylene sheets in place.
Water can still penetrate through wood floors, however. In areas that flood regularly, the solution for recurring flooding may be to install a sump pump. These devices work automatically, and when water is detected, they switch on to remove it until the level returns to normal. Our technicians can install a sump pump and have it working in a day.
Our goal at SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth is to help you return your entire home to a dry, safe condition, and keep it in that state as best as possible. If you need us to return your crawlspace to what it looked like before flooding; call us today at (817) 741-5737 to get started.

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Our Water Cleanup Team In Keller Works Hard To Mitigate Disasters

9/19/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Our Water Cleanup Team In Keller Works Hard To Mitigate Disasters Mold and mildew begin growing with 24 to 48 hours after a water disaster so cleaning it up and extracting all of the moisture becomes crucial.

Our Team Works Hard To Mitigate Disasters

During September, SERVPRO encourages families in Keller to brush up on their preparedness skills. A disaster can strike your property at any time and come from almost any direction. Weather does not always play a role in these horrible circumstances because incidents such as broken pipes and fire can happen in isolated areas of your house.

When a broken pipe, fire-fighting activities, or overflowed basins occur inside your Keller residence, SERVPRO employees are ready to perform the water cleanup duties needed. We make mitigation fast and easy for homeowners and can do the same for you all year long. While September is National Preparedness Month, remaining prepared helps stave off damages that continuously worsen with each passing minute whenever unwanted water affects your home. In many situations, merely knowing how to shut off a water valve can save your home from severe damage.

Mold and mildew begin growing with 24 to 48 hours after a water disaster so cleaning it up and extracting all of the moisture becomes crucial. Other problems can come from the way in which materials in your home interact with water, also, and porous materials often become damaged to the point of requiring replacement. Responding as quickly as possible reduces this need, so we always strive to remain Faster To Any Size Disaster when we provide services to those in our communities. A fast response can also increase the odds in favor of your flooring and help it survive a disaster.

After removing water sitting in your residence, we address the issue of moisture in materials and water vapor in the air. Air movers speed up the circulation of the air drastically, and both desiccant machines and dehumidifiers work tirelessly to remove the moisture as air passes through these pieces of equipment.

When wall cavities, ceilings, and other portions of your home retain water, we discuss options with you regarding its extraction. The most effective way to do this aspect of water cleanup and removal mitigation involves the drilling of a small hole in an inconspicuous place so we can direct airflow with an Injectidry machine.

SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth wants to help mitigate the damage and restore your home and make it “Like it never even happened.” We serve those within the Park Glen, Summerfields, and Diamond Jarvis Hill areas with services designed to mitigate damage in many forms. Water cleanup methods are only one of our many services that help restore homes to preloss condition, making them livable again in a cost-effective manner. Call us when you have an emergency, any day of the year, at our 24-hour services line, (817) 741-5737.

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A Burst Pipe Can Leave Your Fort Worth Clothing Boutique in Need of Professional Water Restoration Services

9/12/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial A Burst Pipe Can Leave Your Fort Worth Clothing Boutique in Need of Professional Water Restoration Services The SERVPRO Green Fleet Keeps Fort Worth Retail Stores Open with Rapid Water Removal

SERVPRO Works Hard and Long to Keep Your Business Afloat After a Water Loss in Fort Worth

Water damage restoration services are usually required after an incident causes water damage to your property. In the case of your clothing boutique, a burst pipe leaked many gallons of water into the back storage room of your store before you managed to shut off the flow of water. As the water spilled into the room, it soaked boxes of unopened merchandise, the floor, and the base of the walls inside your building.
To prevent complications such as mold damage from arising, it is necessary to call for professional water damage restoration services to visit your Fort Worth store. Water damage is time-sensitive, and it can only take seventy-two hours for microbial growth to begin. The faster that you have professionals on the job, the more likely the remediation of the damage is likely to succeed.
At SERVPRO, we understand that it is essential for you to get your business operational as soon as possible. We make it a priority to arrive when you need us, whether you would like our team of IICRC-certified technicians to work through the day or night.
When our SERVPRO technicians report at the job site, our first goal is to get the boxes out of your storage room and send them to be inspected and dried at our local facility. Should they have been ruined by the water damage, we can help you file a claim for your insurance company. Afterward, SERVPRO can employ the use of advanced trade equipment to remove the standing water from your store.
SERVPRO uses devices such as wet/dry vacuums to remove standing water and, in cases of extreme water volume, we can use submersible pumps. From there, our techs can use equipment such as dehumidifiers for the reduction of moisture levels in your store. Our ultimate goal is to make you feel "Like it never even happened."
If you should ever find your store in urgent need of water damage restoration, never wait to get help. Call (817) 741-5737 to reach out to SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth. 24/7.

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Fort Worth's Flood Damage Experts Talk About Problems With Roofs

9/3/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Fort Worth's Flood Damage Experts Talk About Problems With Roofs Storm and Disaster Relief for Fort Worth Property Owners Is Only a Phone Call Away to SERVPRO

Storm Damage Cleanup and Restoration in Fort Worth and the Pros from SERVPRO

The thunderstorms in Fort Worth are known to be quite severe during this time of year. The excessive rains and high-speed winds created by a storm can cause costly flood damage to your property. If there is enough rain to cause water to get deep outside, then it can quickly enter your home. Your roof is one part of your building structure that is susceptible to various types of damage. If your roof gets broken somehow, it can cause flood damage inside the living area of your house.
Thunderstorms can also bring about hail and lightning that can hit your roof. Both of these elements can cause your home in Fort Worth to develop flood damage. Ice storms do happen, and they can tear apart your roof shingles. A lightning bolt can hit your house and cause much destruction.
If anything ever happens to your roof or your roof's shingles, it is possible for water to leak into your structure. If moisture gets into your home from above, much damage can result as the water works its way down to your floor. Roof damage can also create safety hazards and if not repaired can be the cause of water-related issues in the future. This link from the EPA provides disaster recovery information for many weather-related conditions that may arise during this time of the year.
When mitigating any storm-related problems, our SERVPRO technicians first make sure that the building is safe for all workers and occupants. Sometimes this requires removing pieces of the roof or ceiling that are hanging down and might fall. Other times we have to call in a certified contractor to fix electrical or plumbing issues.
After the work area is deemed safe, our SERVPRO crew determines the source of where the water is leaking into the home. We then figure out how to seal the hole in the roof so that no more moisture can enter the living area of the building. In some cases, we can permanently fix the leak in the roof, but in other cases, we temporarily fix it until a certified roofing contractor can conduct the repair or reconstruction.
Once water has stopped leaking into your house, we use specialized extraction and drying equipment to remove the moisture. If you ever have water-related problems after a rainstorm, call SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth at (817) 741-5737 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Fire Damage Technicians Out Of Fort Worth Talk About Structural Issues

8/22/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage Technicians Out Of Fort Worth Talk About Structural Issues If a fire ever burns inside your Fort Worth home, the flames can cause devastation to your property.

Technicians Talk About Structural Issues

If a fire ever burns inside your Fort Worth home, the flames can cause devastation to your property. If the blaze gets hot enough, it can cause fire damage to your building materials and contents. If the conditions are ideal, flames can engulf just about anything that is in their path. The amount of time the blaze burns can make a difference as to how much fire damage takes place.

Items that are close to the source of the initial burn are the ones that get torched first. As the flames grow, your fire damage situation in Fort Worth can get worse and cause things to get ruined due to burning, charring, and soot residues. The amount of oxygen and how hot the fire got while burning can both change the types of damage caused during a burn. Slow burning, oxygen-starved blazes tend to create wet smoke that is tough to clean, but the number of objects burns may not be as high. When flames have plenty of oxygen and things, burn hot more charring on contents, and structural components are likely to occur.

Since insurance companies separate their coverage based on your contents and your building materials, our SERVPRO technicians categorize the damage caused to your home in either the contents or structure classification. If your possessions like furniture or art displayed on walls get ruined, then the problems would be placed in the estimate as damage to contents. If items such as your ceilings or walls get torched, then the problems would be classified as structural issues.

If fires do not get put out quickly, it is likely that structural components will get burnt. When things like drywall and ceiling materials get burned, they often get replaced. In some situations, our SERVPRO restoration crew has to remove and replace wooden studs or floor joists due to charring as well.

The general rule when determining whether wooden structural components are ruined or not is if there is more than a quarter inch of charring then the item must get replaced. If the charred material is less than a quarter inch deep, then it is possible to save the items by sanding them down and applying a specialized sealant paint to trap in pungent aromas. If you ever need help with structural charring issues, call SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth at (817) 741-5737 24 hours a day.

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Fort Worth's Commercial Water Cleanup Technicians Discuss Extraction

8/17/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Fort Worth's Commercial Water Cleanup Technicians Discuss Extraction SERVPRO Rescues Both Large Buildings and Small Shops from Water Loss in Fort Worth

Water Loss Swift Service by SERVPRO Reduces Lost Revenue to Fort Worth Retail Shops

If water ever leaks into your Fort Worth jewelry store, the damage caused can be devastating. If the leak comes from a level above your store's floor, water can pour in from the ceiling and cause significant issues that require prompt commercial service. If water saturates building materials such as ceiling tiles or drywall materials, they can lose their structural integrity and crumble. When building materials degrade, they create safety hazards for the employees working in your Fort Worth business.
Other hazards can be created during and after a pipe break, or other leak takes place including trip hazards and electrical hazards. The first thing our SERVPRO restoration crew does when arriving on the scene of a water cleanup job in Fort Worth is to secure the work area. We start by inspecting your entire store and looking for potential hazards. We know that it is vital to keep your store functioning during the restoration process if possible, therefore we strive to keep the work area safe for your employees and ours.
Safety hazards our SERVPRO technicians repair if possible so that they do not create danger. Other areas that cannot be immediately fixed get blocked off with caution tape until the hazards can be eliminated. Factors like severe structural problems and electrical hazards must be repaired by a certified professional before mitigation work can begin.
Once the work area is deemed safe by our SERVPRO team, we start by extracting excessive moisture from your store's structure. If there is two inches deep of standing water or more, we get rid of this first by implementing a submersible pump. The pump sets in the standing water and sucks it out of the building and deposits it into a sewer drain or waste tank, a portable sump pump.
If there is moisture present inside your store's carpeting or your furniture's upholstery, we use specialized extraction equipment to remove water. Our extraction equipment consists of a heavy duty truck mounted pump that has its own power source.
Promptly removing moisture is essential to preventing secondary damage to your products. If material inside your store stay wet humidity levels indoors rise and can cause your display cases to warp and valuable jewelry products to rust--not the gold. Call SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth at (817) 741-5737 any day of the week to keep your shop open.

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