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Fort Worth's Commercial Water Cleanup Technicians Discuss Extraction

8/17/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Fort Worth's Commercial Water Cleanup Technicians Discuss Extraction SERVPRO Rescues Both Large Buildings and Small Shops from Water Loss in Fort Worth

Water Loss Swift Service by SERVPRO Reduces Lost Revenue to Fort Worth Retail Shops

If water ever leaks into your Fort Worth jewelry store, the damage caused can be devastating. If the leak comes from a level above your store's floor, water can pour in from the ceiling and cause significant issues that require prompt commercial service. If water saturates building materials such as ceiling tiles or drywall materials, they can lose their structural integrity and crumble. When building materials degrade, they create safety hazards for the employees working in your Fort Worth business.
Other hazards can be created during and after a pipe break, or other leak takes place including trip hazards and electrical hazards. The first thing our SERVPRO restoration crew does when arriving on the scene of a water cleanup job in Fort Worth is to secure the work area. We start by inspecting your entire store and looking for potential hazards. We know that it is vital to keep your store functioning during the restoration process if possible, therefore we strive to keep the work area safe for your employees and ours.
Safety hazards our SERVPRO technicians repair if possible so that they do not create danger. Other areas that cannot be immediately fixed get blocked off with caution tape until the hazards can be eliminated. Factors like severe structural problems and electrical hazards must be repaired by a certified professional before mitigation work can begin.
Once the work area is deemed safe by our SERVPRO team, we start by extracting excessive moisture from your store's structure. If there is two inches deep of standing water or more, we get rid of this first by implementing a submersible pump. The pump sets in the standing water and sucks it out of the building and deposits it into a sewer drain or waste tank, a portable sump pump.
If there is moisture present inside your store's carpeting or your furniture's upholstery, we use specialized extraction equipment to remove water. Our extraction equipment consists of a heavy duty truck mounted pump that has its own power source.
Promptly removing moisture is essential to preventing secondary damage to your products. If material inside your store stay wet humidity levels indoors rise and can cause your display cases to warp and valuable jewelry products to rust--not the gold. Call SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth at (817) 741-5737 any day of the week to keep your shop open.

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Benefect and Mold Remediation

8/9/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Benefect and Mold Remediation Benefect disinfectants used in home with mold issues.

Benefect is a product that we here at SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth use on a daily basis to clean and sanitize mold and other bio hazards. Benefect is a world recognized leader in next-generation botanical antimicrobials. Benefect products use nature's way of cleaning and killing germs with no compromise in strength and without endangering human health. Benefect has been around for over 20 years and has been partnering with SERVPRO for almost a decade. Conor was born with a severe immune system disorder. His parents (Sam and Jen DeAth) needed to minimize the burden on his immune system by cleaning and disinfecting their home, but conventional germ-killing chemistry was almost as dangerous to Conor. His parents searched for natural alternatives to the toxic disinfecting agents found in everyday products but quickly realized they’d have to create their own. Benefect Corp. ( is a world recognized leader in next-generation botanical antimicrobial technology. The Active Ingredient is highly specialized Thyme Oil that has been grown & blended to exacting specifications. All the disinfecting strength you need, without the risk. Why would you choose anything else? For more information go to

Crawlspace Waterproofing For Your Ft Worth Home Can Prevent Water and Mold Damages

8/1/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Crawlspace Waterproofing For Your Ft Worth Home Can Prevent Water and Mold Damages When mold disasters strike, our SERVPRO team will be there to help.

Preventing Mold & Water Damage To Your Ft Worth Residential Home

Protecting your Ft. Worth home from water damages is something that too many homeowners consider much too late to be effective. It is often only once persistent moisture have caused problems with the structural integrity of your home or cause microbial growth that they seek restoration work and a permanent solution to prevent these problems from reoccurring.

The truth is, many people could avoid water and even mold damages from striking their Ft. Worth homes with crawlspace encapsulation services. A better understanding of this process can help you to appreciate how this precautionary and preventative measure can keep moisture from affecting your household from beneath your first story.

Encapsulation is a process that uses 12mm thick sheets of poly to cover the walls, underneath the upper flooring, the ground, and any supports to prevent moisture from penetrating into this area. This thick plastic provides a sound moisture barrier for the entire crawlspace, effectively keeping the structural components of your home safer and preventing conditions like mold growth.

Before the installation of the plastic sheeting, however, other measures are taken such as fogging the wood framing and supports with an antimicrobial solution. Ventilation gets installed in the crawlspace if none exists to prevent moisture buildup in the area and also eliminates a stagnant atmosphere.

In some cases, sump pumps are necessary installations when natural springs or other water threatens the crawlspace area on a regular basis. In some other cases where a sump pump is not necessarily a requirement, our SERVPRO technicians opt for the installation of other stationary equipment such as a permanent dehumidifier to continually pull moisture from the environment. This lack of dampness and moisture can aid in preventing the growth of mold that erodes and degrades wood components within the crawlspace.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

While you might not always think of ways that you can prevent mold growth or water damage to your home until after the problem already arises, some forward-thinking now can prevent costlier restoration work in the future. Give our SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth a call today to learn more about crawlspace encapsulation. You can reach us anytime at (817) 741-5737.

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Firefighters That Have Responded to a Fire Can Cause Intense Water Damage in Your Fort Worth Home

7/31/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Firefighters That Have Responded to a Fire Can Cause Intense Water Damage in Your Fort Worth Home When the remains of a fire are soaked with water that was used to put out the fire, you know that it is time to contact SERVPRO for remediation.

SERVPRO Technicians Understand That Dealing With Fire Damage Always Includes Remediating the Water Damage Caused by Putting Out the Fire 

Firefighting efforts require the use of an intense amount of water to extinguish flames, however, it can lead to your home needing urgent water damage restoration services. When putting out a fire, firefighters pump out hundreds of gallons of water in just a few seconds. The intensity of the water spray can weaken the structure of your home and also cause slippery surfaces that are not safe to walk in. Until clean up is done, and the remaining structure of your home is dry, a contractor cannot come into the space to rebuild. Fortunately, help is not far from your home.
Immediately after a fire has been extinguished, our job is to swiftly arrive so we may begin providing water damage restoration services in your Fort Worth home as soon as possible. It is imperative for you to call for professional help swiftly, as it increases the likelihood that our remediation is successful. The quicker we can begin to tackle removing the water, and cleaning up the space, the more likely we are to save some of the structure that has been waterlogged.
When SERVPRO arrives at the scene, the first thing we can do is a careful inspection of your home. We can identify any charred obstacles that could be hazardous and remove them. Additionally, SERVPRO can look for any structural materials that are not saveable and demolish them. Additionally, we can remove any drywall panels that have been ruined. Once the area is free of any dangers that can lead to tripping or other injuries, we can set up to dry out the remaining structure.
SERVPRO can set up extractors and wet vacs to remove any puddles of water from the area, as well as anything that is excessively soaked. Extractors in particular help draw water out of materials to further dry them. Additionally, SERVPRO can use tools such as dehumidifiers and ventilation box fans to help create an ideal environment for evaporation. Using these tools allows us to remove the water and moisture from the remains of your home so renovation work can be done by a contractor.
Do not hesitate or consider skipping this vital step between extinguishment and renovation. Dial (817) 741-5737 to get in touch with SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth. We always strive to arrive at your home as quickly as we possibly can.
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Fort Worth Crawl Space Cleanups, Encapsulation, And Mold Remediation

7/18/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Fort Worth Crawl Space Cleanups, Encapsulation, And Mold Remediation If not discovered and dealt with, mold can grow undetected for years.

Mold Remediation and Restoration

When mold first begins to grow in a Fort Worth home or business, it is usually in a location where the homeowner or other occupants cannot enter. In many residential or commercial buildings in the Fort Worth area, the attic and sub-floor crawlspaces are not easily accessible. Newer homes have eliminated, for the most part, the space needed to use them for storage of old clothes, family mementos or holiday decorations.

Cleanup and mold remediation in a crawlspace is more difficult than in a full-size attic. Our SERVPRO team specializes in stopping growth, removing mold, and eliminating the threat that a long, undetected mold colony can be to a home’s structural integrity.

If not discovered and dealt with, mold can grow undetected for years. Too late, a consumer might find that the mold covers every surface and may have even penetrated into wooden support structures. At that level of contamination, our technicians first enter the crawlspace with a spray wand and a large container of anti-fungal chemicals strapped to their backs. They spray the entry point, allow it to dry, and then move into the crawlspace, spraying every bit of mold they see.

If the mold is thicker still, SERVPRO technicians also have the option of spraying baking soda from a high-pressure spray gun. The action effectively removes mold from every surface. The only drawbacks are that the spray gun covers everything in baking soda and that it does not neutralize any spores deep in the wood. In some cases, our technicians may have to follow-up with the anti-fungal spray.

After both treatments, technicians then use a commercial vacuum to remove the spores. They link the vacuum to a HEPA filter, which is designed to capture even a single, microscopic mold spore. If there is any concern about remaining spores, team members spray the area again before sealing it back up.

Until recently, the crawl spaces in over 26 million households in the US were thought to be 'out of sight’ and ‘out of mind.' Today problems with mold, odors, pests, energy consumption, and damage to the structure, Fort Worth consumers are looking for encapsulation specialists to solve these issues. While many companies are providing encapsulation services, few have a trained team that understands the actions required to ensure a fast solution to the encapsulation challenges.

Cleaning up mold in a crawlspace is difficult, but not impossible with the right tools and training. If you need our encapsulation services, call SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth at (817) 741-5737 today to schedule an inspection.

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Why Even Small Messes In Your Fort Worth Residence Might Need Professional Water Restoration

7/12/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Why Even Small Messes In Your Fort Worth Residence Might Need Professional Water Restoration Every situation that involves some water damage in your home might not feel like a disaster.

Professional Water Restoration

When you think about restoration for water damages in your Fort Worth home, many homeowners often take their mind to large-scale disasters encompassing multiple areas of their house. This train of thought could lead you to disasters like flooding, or water removal situations like busted plumbing or appliance failures. While these do happen, professional restoration services for water damage can benefit smaller situations as well.

Sometimes, homeowners should consider water restoration services for their Fort Worth home, even when you would not consider the mess to be a disaster. The thorough nature of the work that can get done and the speed with which it happens can be two strong selling points for this approach right away.

One of the reasons that you may consider choosing SERVPRO for even smaller-scale water incidents is the dedication that we have to the industry standard of restoration. You might not realize that many of the situations homeowners feel like they can clean up on their own end up inadequate, allowing for worsening conditions over a brief period.

One of the most likely scenarios with lingering moisture and dampness in your house is the threat of mold and mildew growth. This microbial intruder can pose potential health effects for your family when exposed to a growing colony, which requires immediate attention and removal to prevent these effects from taking hold.

Often, our SERVPRO technicians do not even need to extract water, but focus more on cleaning and drying the area sufficiently. If we are unaware of the extent of the dampness in the affected areas, we can utilize equipment like thermal imaging scans to determine where moisture might still yet be that needs attention.

Every situation that involves some water damage in your home might not feel like a disaster. Without the right cleaning and drying, however, it could very well turn into one. You can count on our SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth water restoration technicians to clean up the mess and get your home back to original condition quickly. Give us a call anytime at (817) 741-5737.

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Hire Professionals For Commercial Water Removal In Fort Worth

7/3/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Hire Professionals For Commercial Water Removal In Fort Worth Water can damage your business.

Hire Professionals For Commercial Water Removal

When you own your Fort Worth business, it is common to demand much from yourself and your staff. Any challenge to daily operations becomes another task on your agenda, delegated to the work team on your roster that best matches the job requirements. No matter how talented your workforce, some issues are best left to experts, including water removal. We specialize in all matters concerning water damage and offer help backed by trained technicians and cutting-edge products and equipment.

Plumbing ages and eventually springs minor leaks your staff manages in any Fort Worth business, but significant pipe damage during planned remodeling requires water removal immediately. The quantity of water a pipe breach spills into your commercial property exceeds the amount a housekeeping or maintenance crew can resolve. One of our core services is water removal, and our crews arrive at your site fast, equipped with high-efficiency submersible pumps and extractors that can be truck-mounted and powered if the electricity is interrupted temporarily because of the water crisis.

You and your staff concentrate on operating your business as our SERVPRO crew focuses on water removal and structural drying. We work with you to avoid disrupting your employees and customers while we complete the job. Avoiding even a brief shutdown due to the water crisis is crucial to maintaining the confidence you built over time with your clientele. We remain keenly aware of the need to meet customer service and employee needs during the water removal process.

After the water removal, SERVPRO always moves on to planning and implementing structural drying. Our vehicles carry sufficient numbers of air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers to set up drying patterns throughout the affected spaces. Crew members measure and then monitor moisture levels, following the drying principles (psychrometry) mastered during IICRC training. A balance of air movement, temperature, and air humidity forces water vapor out of building materials into the atmosphere where it absorbs or condenses within our desiccant or refrigerant dehumidifiers for containment and disposal.

Depend on SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth to step up and handle your commercial water removal crisis. Reach us 24/7 at (817) 741-5737 because we know disasters occur any day or time.

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Leaving Water Damage In Your Fort Worth Home Can Lead To The Development Of Mold Damage

6/28/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Leaving Water Damage In Your Fort Worth Home Can Lead To The Development Of Mold Damage Damages in your home are never something to ignore, especially when those damages can lead to future complications, such as mold damage.

Leaving Water Damage In Your Home Can Lead To Mold Damage

Damages in your home are never something to ignore, especially when those damages can lead to future complications, such as mold damage. Sometimes financial difficulty, or other valid concerns, can stop you from calling for assistance when you need it. The story is pretty standard: a severe storm rolls in and soaks your basement bathroom through the open window. There are inches of water on the floor by the time that you find it the next morning, but you feel like you cannot afford to call for help and resolve to try to deal with it yourself. The decision can lead to future complications as only a professional can tell when a space is thoroughly dry.

Leaving any excess moisture in the structure of your home can lead to the growth of mold damage in your Fort Worth residence. Mold spores are omnipresent, and you cannot completely rid your home of them. However, they are relatively harmless until they come into contact with excessive moisture. As they feed off of the excess water, the mold spores can rapidly multiply and form a colony, which can damage the structure of your home and cause health effects. Calling for help as soon as you first begin to suspect you have mold damage is the key to a successful remediation.

Our SERVPRO techs can bring unique tools with them to remediate the mold damage in your home. One of the worst aspects is the smell, and we can set up an air scrubber to pull mold spores and odorous particles from the air while we work. SERVPRO can also set up a barrier made out of plastic sheeting to ensure that the mold spores cannot travel anywhere else when disturbed. Once it is safe to work, SERVPRO can disinfect and remove the mold before using an antifungal spray to help ensure there is no regrowth.

Do not delay when you find damage in your home. Dial (817) 741-5737 to contact SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth. We are open 24-7 and ready to take your call.

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Emergency Water Restoration In Fort Worth

6/20/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Emergency Water Restoration In Fort Worth A burst pipe caused significant damage and flooding to this home. SERVPRO was called to complete water restoration.

How SERVPRO completes water restoration

On the list of urgent Fort Worth household emergencies, the need to remove significant amounts of water ranks near the top. Water restoration is unlike most other cleanup or maintenance tasks, requiring specialized equipment and certified technicians. Immediate response to your crisis is also essential. We have all these requirements covered.

Appliances located in the upper levels of your Fort Worth home complicate water restoration circumstances. For example, having the laundry room located near second-floor bedrooms is convenient, but can cause water to flow down walls and even several flights of stairway if the washer’s pump breaks. Similarly, your kitchen’s dishwasher can send water into an adjacent family room when a hose disconnects or the computer panel malfunctions, and it continuously fills. You come home to hundreds of gallons in your lowest levels. Our team has seen this before and can help.

In addition to the pooled water at the lowest parts of your house, SERVPRO crews also note that floors, walls, steps, and ceilings above the water’s final resting place are soaked. When we arrive on the scene, our crew lead assesses all aspects of the water damage and designs a plan to remove the standing water and dry out saturated structural components. Our service vehicles are well-stocked with the equipment needed so work can begin right away.

Water deeper than two inches removes most efficiently when we use submersible pumps. As the water level falls, SERVPRO crew members switch out to our high-efficiency extractors. Infrared scanners help us locate hidden reserves of water. Releasing the trapped moisture is crucial. Technicians can drill holes, make flood cuts, or use extensions to suction water out of cells from the top.

We have success drying carpeting in place with weighted wands on the extractors, following an established protocol taught during the extensive training our SERVPRO crew members master. Hardwood floors benefit from the use of drying mats.

Walls and ceilings often dry out with just the addition of air flow and lower humidity. Throughout the process, our team uses moisture meters to establish a baseline on every surface affected by the water event. SERVPRO leads determine drying goals, and then we monitor the progress with additional measurements. The positioning of air movers and dehumidifiers, with the possible addition of heaters to obtain the optimum balance to move water vapor out of building materials, is the final step.

SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth is eager to assist residents of our local communities with water restoration emergencies. Call for a consultation 24/7, any day of the year at (817) 741-5737.

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Going The Extra Mile For Fire Damage Restoration In Your Keller Residence

6/19/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Going The Extra Mile For Fire Damage Restoration In Your Keller Residence Fire Damage in Keller Cleanup and Restoration Needed? Contact SERVPRO for Help

SERVPRO Offers Off-Site Restoration to Damaged Possessions from Fire & Smoke

Once a fire in your home has gotten extinguished, you are only part of the way towards recovering from the incident. In fact, you now face damages to your property the likes of which many homeowners have never experienced before. Fortunately, even though this same damage might be out of the wheelhouse and skill sets of most property owners, professional and reliable restoration services are only a simple phone call away.

As you might now see, fire damages present themselves in several unique ways throughout your Keller home. Even areas that were not directly affected by the blaze can house lingering effects like smoke and soot damage. One of the most pressing concerns beyond the structural integrity of your home is the contents you keep inside. Our SERVPRO professionals have a plan to keep these items safe and give them the attention they need to get fully restored as well.

Pack-outs are a service offered by our professionals which remove contents of your home to keep them safer throughout the restoration process. While some of these items might have gotten damaged during the fire, this same process provides a means for these damaged items to get concise inspection and restoration to make them ready for the second phase: pack-ins.

Once the appropriate attention and work have gotten done to the removed items of your home, and the restoration within your house is complete, the contents of your house are ready to get returned. Our SERVPRO professionals carefully bring in each item and put it back in its original position, helping to make the unfortunate circumstance a distant memory as you move on with your fully restored home. Trying to prevent fires from occurring with foresight and planning can at least mitigate fire damage to your property.

Fire damage in your home might feel overwhelming to overcome at first, but with the right professional assistance, it does not have to be as daunting. You can rely on the rapid response and expertise of our SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth fire damage restoration technicians to act quickly to get your home back to original conditions as soon as possible, "Like it never even happened." Give us a call anytime you need us at (817) 741-5737.

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