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Mold Remediation and Abatement in Keller

This home had suspected mold growth behind the kitchen sink that went untreated due to a leaky faucet.  The dry wall was affected with mold and the framing... READ MORE

Is there mold in your Keller Home

This home exhibited suspicious mold growth within the kitchen area and SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth was called out to the home to inspect the growth.  T... READ MORE

Water leak in Fort Worth home

This house was affected by a water leak that occurred when they had a pipe that rusted out inside of their foundation slab.  The leaky pipe flooded the hou... READ MORE

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Keller Texas

This was an office here in the Keller Texas area that needed a deep cleaning on their carpet of several years.  Our SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth team ca... READ MORE

Mold Cleanup from Water Damage

This was a job in which the crew cleaned up and re mediated mold that was growing behind the dishwasher unit.  The customer had a small water leak that cau... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage

This Fort Worth restaurant was flooded when a hose burst in the back kitchen and sprayed water in the building for several hours.  The water flooded all th... READ MORE

Water damage in home

Sometimes little people can make big messes. These homeowners had their young child turn on the sink, plug it up, and walk away. Water started moving under the ... READ MORE

Flooded Commercial building Fort Worth

This was a commercial building in Fort Worth that had a power washer break and flood the warehouse and front offices.  We were able to clean and dry out th... READ MORE

Mold Cleanup

This mold was found in a kitchen and on the drywall.  The mold was growing from a kitchen faucet leak that had been dripping for quite a while. Our crew bu... READ MORE

Mold Clean up and rebuild

This moldy cabinet in Fort Worth, TX was the result of a leaky faucet going unnoticed. Water dripped from the faucet and ran through the cabinet and affect the ... READ MORE